Hong Kong - Day 6

day 6

tiny but ultra delicious shop in causeway bay i think the name involved the word swiss for some reason again.  

this see through skirt thing is big in HK this summer.  too bad all the girls are copping out and wearing these ones that have shorts inside.

turtle jelly.  don't know what its made out of but it's expensive.

Lan Kwai Fong is the night life hotspot in HK.  what a clustercuss.  there are foreigners a'plenty.  eventually you just have to realize that its part of HK and it really is an international hub.  It seems that there are tons of foreigner here that really got transferred here and just because they love asian girls/asian dudes/anime/asian stuff/other weird reasons.  this makes me less turned off about hanging out here because in most countries i try to steer clear of foreigner heavy places like roppongi in tokyo.

Jennie's boyfriend ronnie and his buddy opened this japanese restaurant right above that clustercuss below.  They had the interior designer that designed the inside of Gonpachi in tokyo (the place that inspired that famous set from the movie Kill Bill) design this place.

they got Kenji, who used to be the executive chef of the W hotel in New York to manage the place.

ryujin beer pretty good stuff.

this tetley's beer is pretty damn creamy


man mo temple near cat bazaar street aka upper lascar row.

the smell of incense is overwhelming in this temple because, well, look at it, there are like a million incense things lit.  you can only stay in here for like 3 minutes comfortably.

deer sculpture fetish re-aggravated 

that's how they do it.  a propane torch on a stick

not even the full height of the building is captured in this pic.  they are disassembling this bamboo scaffolding.  they were dropping them down to each other with speed and efficiency.  fascinating to watch, which everyone was.

went to Cat Bazzar street aka upper lascar row to find a cane for my dad.  they sell antiques and "antiques" here.  the final verdict is there are a few oxtail bone walking sticks and more brass walking sticks with a dagger inside and very few wooden walking sticks and almost no canes.  they are all too short for my dad.  i bought that oxtail bone walking stick for him and hopefully he can get it modified to add 2 inches to it.  maybe he can get a nice mahogany can handle inserted into the stainless steel rod inside adding 2 inches to the height.  it's pretty hefty and substantial feeling.  I had to lie many times at the airport and say i needed it for walking and then had to kind of hide it from the flight attendants when i was bording

cat bazzar is basically in Sheung Wan

sometimes you forget that HK is a subtropical island.

loved this sig

a mini temple with those incense coils randomly on this hill.

HDR'd this image together pretty effectively i think.  i'm going for the natural look with these.  so if its good you won't notice but if its bad you will.  as you know with building and the sky and cameras only 1 can be exposed properly while the other is super dark or blown out.

mid levels escalator during the day.  you've seen these same pics only at night

Jamia Mosque is open every sunday i think it is.

my first time in a mosque.  they were very friendly and eager to tell me about Islam.  there was your usual dispelling science and hard to believe stories that come with many religions.  for me, i grew up religionless so all i could do was nod.  I'm not judging here and understand the role of religion in people's lives.  It's just not for me.

come on dude, are your balls in a jar at home above the fireplace?