Oh, Harro Again

The start of my 2 month Asia tour.  What originally sparked this trip was my old roommate vivi's wedding in tokyo.  Following closely behind that was my love for hanami season and japan, seeing pals in korea before they ship out, and exploring more of China.  All i needed was that one excuse.  Ok lets get started!

landing in Los Angeles.

I got assigned the front section seat yay!  I flew united, same deal as always.

are you getting sassy with me?

train to tsukiji fish market at like 5:30am

one of the many music schools around my old japanese school in yoyogi.  I stayed at my friend Ai's house and she lives near the school.

I went with Jennifer to take purikura sticker pics.  this is the first time i've noticed this sign.  1 girl or 2 girls OK, 1 guy 1 girl OK, 1 guy 2 girls OK,  but 2 guys? だめ!!!! NO!!!!! If you've ever been to one of these sticker picture places you can kind of see why they don't want purvy dudes in there cuz it's just ALL young girls up in there.

At lunch we were just discussing japanese girls and how a lot of them are like Bambi, the new-born disney cartoon deer with wobbly bow legs.  Japanese girls: wobbly legs from high-heels, socialization, and possibly genetics.  They basically make themselves up to be helpless new born baby fawns, super weak, with huge twinkling eyes, unable to walk, in a forest full of wolves.  

the smallest diner i've ever seen.



thanks Ai!