New New York

after an unexpected turn of events i found myself back in New York for 3 months for the first time in 4 years. It has been a new experience for me. When i left new york i was a struggling illustrator and now this is the first time living in NY as an established illustrator and meeting illustrator friends. It's my first time feeling more adult-like in NY. In the last 3 months I have discovered a "New" New York.

I never really lived in brooklyn before, let alone south williamsburg. There is a huge Jewish population here.

marcy ave and broadway.

visit to the New York Times building on 8th avenue

from that visit i got my first NY Times job!

chess in union square

one of the things i need in every new country i live in, a printer. these all in one printers are horrible but what can i do.

my first nationally circulated cover for Discover.

my digs on south 5th street for 3 months. that's josh's dog maxwell. always on the couch, all day, e'ry day.

bryant park

Georgia and Melissa, the beautiful ladies of RIO PR fashion PR agency

park slope 220 engine firehouse.

felix, the italian greyhound owned by jana and john. this is his treats puzzle game.

art by jana duda.

illustration by woojung ahn. i met her in korea and john happened to be her teacher at SVA. small world.

williamsburg. thought this was Nate Williams work for a second.

sketchbook project in williamsburg. they get sketchbooks from all over the world and catalog them like a library and you can check them out and look at them. i don't know how this works financially but they say they cover all their costs by submission fees. there is an insane amount of cool work pouring in everyday from all over the world.

atlas cafe on havemeyer and grand street in williamsburg. there is always a ridiculous amount of macbook usage going on in here. at peak times you could see 20 people on macbooks seriously.

somewhere in soho

somewhere in soho

Cinema Village maybe?

freedom tower at ground zero

ground zero shot from the offices of Money magazine

and again

freedom tower at ground zero.

what? people with AIDS plaza. what?

chambers street J, Z train station i think.