Tibidabo is the tallest mountain in Barcelona at 512 meters. It has the oldest amusement park and the best view of Barcelona.

this was a funny photo because we were eating the menu of the day on my street and this girl paused while her dogs were snooting about. It doesn't look like it here but she had a proper plump bottom and was wearing short shorts so every male sitting in this terraza was starring at it. by the time i got my camera out those dudes in the back weren't leering anymore but all 6-8 of us unrelated dudes followed our instincts for a few long moments and basked in the glorious sights of Barcelona.

getting to tibidabo is kind of a pain. first you have to take the subway to the tibidao stop, then you have to take this tram that does super slow and doesn't even go that far. on the way home we just walked it and beat the tram because it only leaves so often so you're just sitting on an unmoving tram. and it's like 2 euros. so if you have time and money and feeling old timey then ride it.

next you have to ride this funicular railway to the top, or walk up but if its summer......

it was kinda cool inside

some catholic cathedral.

by the time we got to the top the weather turned to caca and it was super cold and started to rain.

a random pocket of sun before it started raining.

we ran like two little sinners to the cathedral for shelter from the rain and cold and it turned out to be beautiful inside.

i thought these light up signs were a bit out of place and gave it a kind of Vegas feel

elevator. you have to pay 2 euros to go up in it but i think it was determined that you can just walk up the exterior stairs outside and end up in the same place because we did.

next we went to Las Arenas, a converted bull fighting arena that is now a shopping mall. The attraction for us photography enthusiasts was that it has a viewing platform at the top.

a small side viewing platform. Plaza espanya and montjuic is in the back.

3 long exposure shots combined with HDR

That thing on the mountain is the cathedral we took shelter in earlier that day on Tibidabo. Below is Miro Park i believe.

while i was taking photos i saw this really old woman fall on her face and there was blood everywhere. Her party picked her up and she appeared to be ok.

we rode over to the magic fountain and nublowski shot some photos. This is from the camera of Norman Nublawski and processed by me. Originally it was white-ish but I like how processed it into a scene from an orange juice commercial. Imagine swimming in this fountain of pure fresh squeezed organic orange juice.....it would sting so bad but it would be a delicious and nutritious sting.

catalan food. a lot of it is based on putting stuff on huge toast. this is tuna, roasted red peppers, and some other stuff.

more catalan food, sausage and beans. This place is in Gracia on calle verdi and is good but again not as good as La Taverna Llesca.

Gracia night photoshoot session yielded almost nothing. I need to become a better photographer soon


Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you are still shooting your piece at random girls in public.

Keep them coming.