From the Camera of Norman Nublowski

Photos by Norman Nublowski, German. Taken by him and edited by me.

Plaza Catalunya. This guy has taken being the king of his sh!tty domain to the max. Here he is waking up in the morning in his flannel robe and fanny pack, boldly surveying all of Plaza Catalunya, ready to defend his tent built on a foundation of pallets that he built with his own two hands.

probably in reference to how the police beat up people here earlier in the summer.

oh look a graphic design studio in Plaza Catalunya. This is creating work at its most basic.

another shot of what plaza catalunya has become.

somewhere near Jaume I station. these European tourists flooded our nice and quiet terraza and plopped right down in there next to us.

Plaza Espanya turned into a hip hop music filled NBA promotional land. Did you basketball is super popular in Spain? but not baseball.

the former FC Barcelona (soccer team) field on Montjuic.

banister detail at Casa Batllo

light detail at Casa Batll0

light detail at Casa Batll0

casa batllo glass barrier.