Fiesta de la Seguro Pascua Barcelonetta

This festival celebrates when the fishermen would come back at this certain time of year with tons of fish and everyone would celebrate. This fiesta was really fun and you will really benefit from some drinks so you can get yourself moving unless you're Spanish and can just dance and have fun anytime and anywhere.

is this guy going to grow up to be delicious black pig iberico ham?

im guessing the crap hanging from them ranging form oreo cookies to to toy cars represents the bounty of food and wealth they would bring back from them in the old days. but now, just like every other tradition in the world, its been bastardized to the point where hanging hello kitty toys, cell phone cases, and carrying a harpoon are enough.

the music was predominantly Brazilian samba. They said there isn't really any awesome traditional Spanish dance music. Samba does the trick

I try to keep the profile of this blog up but I am a dude and this fine specimen was one of the best examples of Spain I have seen so far and other dudes friends keep asking to see some ladies on here. I couldn't get a picture of her front but she was caliente la hostia!

here i'll instantly follow it up with a cute little girl photo to balance it out.

did this dude get stabby stabbed?

these enterprising young gentlemen of indian or pakistani decent are making mojitos to sell.

when there is samba music everyone starts a'shakin'

as always you can see this in higher quality if you click through to the vimeo website.

this clan got the 2 hottest girls they know to march for them and it worked. A woman next to me was laughing at how fast i pulled out my camera as soon as I saw these two.

these guys are either your best friend or worst nightmare depending on what your disposition is towards having a beer. they are your personal walking bar or your personal walking annoyance that asks if you want a cervesabeer every 2 minutes even if you're already drinking one.

does everyone of these things have a special meaning/purpose like in Japanese festivals?

wide angle lenses are also good for getting shots of people cuz you can aim the lens somewhere beside them and still get them in the frame. This guy was the dorkiest british old dude i've ever seen. a walking cartoon. when you look at him here he looks a little like michael caine. this was not the case! he was a specimen i tell you. but he's old, traveling by himself, and made it through this festival so i guess he gets points for that. but then is stripped of all those points for looking like a mr. frumppity pants cartoon.

the flamboyant dances and fireworks went on into the night.

as always you can see this in higher quality if you click through to the vimeo website.

back on the main parade route the samba party was heating up

barcelona is all about this. the ubiquitous (i hate this word but every travel book always uses it) red "Estrella" beer can. only 1 euro at your closest personal walking bar.

'at a boy.