Casa Batllo

Gazpacho is a cold soup drink thing from Andalusia in short made of tomatoes and cucumber and is perfect in the summertime. I am absolutely head over heels in love with Gazpacho and possibly even more so with its cousin Salmorejo (thicker cuz bread is blended into it, no cucumber).

Casa Batllo is another of Antoni Gaudi's masterpiece architecture sites. It costs 18 euros to get in here! Is it worth it? 18 euros is a lot but if you're a gaudi or architecture lover its worth it. If you're gaudi'd out you probably still have to go here cuz its just what you do in barcelona. i would take this over La Pedrera though if you have to choose.

the vents at the bottom of the window swivel out.

the money shot

Check out the gradated walls descending into Casa Batllo via the elevator. As always see it in HD by clicking through to the Vimeo website instead of watching it here.

the roof

right next to this on the right is servei estacio where i bought the workhorse legs for my desk. You can see this from the window of the lighting section in the back of the store. yea there are just regular businesses next to all these world heritage Antoni Gaudi sites.

the attic

a random small group of indignados protesting down the street called "diagonal".

This weekend in barcelona saw the biggest electronic music festival in Europe called Sonar. This meant there were more electronic DJs and lovers of those dudes per square inch than anywhere else in the world. It also meant there were more electronic music parties going on all over than anywhere else in the world. They had one at Gallery Miscelanea where we were supposed to meet friends which never happened cuz they ended up at another party in Boqueria market of all places.

Here is a clear shot of that new "instrument" used to make electronic music and such by pushing these blocks around on this sensitive table.


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