Park Güell

One of the awesome things about living in a new country is the world of new stuff at the grocery store. That alone is an adventure. I'm an american so I don't know what to do at a Spanish grocery store yet and it looks like i just got American food doesn't it. I'm gonna have to learn quick or else I will be eating various sandwiches and hunks of cheese 3 times a day. Sure I always cooked tons of stuff in NY but I didn't come here cook and eat American food. One thing i have discovered is Gorgonzola cheese and I don't know if there is anyone on the planet that loves it more than me right at this moment in time. I would sleep on a pillow sized chunk of it if it wasn't so expensive.

Park Güell was designed by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí and built in the years 1900 to 1914. Gaudi is the man in Spain

Dragon fountain. See what we have here? it's like this everywhere

These guys were good and were playing some beautifully eerie music to accompany this beautifully eerie park.

There is another band down there that was pretty thumpin'. they had one of those 8 foot long war horns, a bari sax, some other crap, and a box drum. box drums seem like they're the hot things these days no?

so the theme is there were good musicians everywhere, too many to show here. Other notables were an old dude on some kind of vibraphone and a Spanish guitarist

don't know if this is everywhere in Spain but this school surrounded by the park has their kids wearing smocks at play time. Or maybe this is an art class/recess mashup.

great you jerks, especially you Pierre you #%$^

what is that on the hill that from time to time peeks out from behind a tall building while walking around barcelona? it's always in shadow and hazy and looming over me. Is it trying to tell me something? One of these days i'll get up there and hopefully it's not where i meet my demise.

Who was at the top of that thing playing various 80's punk, Bowie, nonsensical blabbering (which he knew was funny but was doing for his own kicks)?

this guy.

Even when i look at sweeping pictures of various cities on a perfect sunny day I think it's boring so i will spare you all but one of those. I mean its awesome when you're there in person but it just never translates on screen. Sagrada Familia is on the left, the Mediterranean in the back. Very few skyscrapers in Barcelona.

MACBA, the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art is a skater's haven at night. Did I already say that? I should get some better photos


joseph muller said...

wow, gorgeous photos! i just love this town. moved here in january... never want to leave! the answer to what is on the top of that mountain called tibidabo is:

- an old theme park (really old, 100 years plus!)
- a monastery

it is absolutely worth a visit and it will not kill you, quite the opposite actually! :)

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have a good one!
joseph from germany.