Gracia Stroll

The Arc de Triomf in Barcelona

Cuitadella Park is pretty cool. people all over taking advantage of any grass.

Indian/Paki dudes trying to sell stuff people. at the beach they're there selling coconuts. Here they were selling some kind of samosas or something. but always, anywhere you go you will here "cervesa beer, cervesa beer". at night they are your personal beer refrigerator always lurking around somewhere to sell you cans of beer for 1 euro. it gets annoying real fast. In Barcelona its the job of the "Pakis". In Madrid its the job of the "Chinos"

Javier's house. he rents half of this cool old apartment for amazingly cheap.

Caga Tio (literally shit log, seriously) is a unique Christmas tradition in the Catalunya area. You feed him a little every night somehow and then xmas day or eve you "make him shit" by wack him with sticks until treats break out of his hollowed out body. My friends told me this and wikipedia says the same. that's a beret he wears, not a santa hat.

view from Javier's roof on one side.

he has a projector so we had a movie night.

it was a crowd of artists so we watched "Fantastic Mr. Fox"

Gracia is a cool charming neighborhood a 15 min walk north east of my house. There are few tourists so it has a more authentic feeling. Its full of 20-30 somethings and artists, musicians, creatives, etc...

like everywhere Gracia is all about plazas. this one is plaza de something. we go to Candanchu in this plaza for drinks sometimes.

wood pile getting gang raped.

Plaza del sol, the liveliest plaza in Gracia

bagel shop, looks like some little girl won an art prize.

oh, there's the artist. she came running in to tell me this was her work and then back to play.

corner of Plaza del sol

these half sized dumpster things are everywhere here and are credited for the city being so clean. it is pretty clean here. but people have to actually put their garbage in here. come to think of it i never see garbage bags on the street.....

elevator buttons in my elevator. starts with floor 0, then entresuelo, then principal, then the 1st floor. so the 1st floor is actually the 4th floor

i'm not a pilsner guy so not really a fan of this beer.


United Graphic Kingdom said...

There is a delicious Chinese restaurant next to The Arc de Triomf in Barcelona.
There is a very nice cafe for breakfast near this:

And Louris and us were living very close to here: