February Mix

Another new shoe. I sewed my pattern on top of one of those gay looking Espadrillos (pictured in the rear).

these is this 7 spice thing that is famous from nagano that i thought i bought but when i got it home it looked more like 7 sesame seed mix, which it might be cuz now that i look at the can it says sesame seed on it. Still good though.

Naoki and Norman custom ordered this awesome leather camera strap for me for my birthday. I have been looking for a leather camera strap for a while now and haven't been able to find one. This one is pretty expensive. What nice guys.

from Leather Factory Roberu in Japan

I met my friend Matsuda while he was in Tokyo. He is Japanese, from Kyuushu but i met him while living in Beijing. He works in television and film. This place in shibuya is called Otoko dojo (guys dojo) where its all guy waiters and across the street is onnanoko dojo (girls dojo). of course Vivi reserved the guys one so i didnt get to see any girls. anyway if its your birthday they do a huge long bday fanfare thats like 10 minutes long so it's a good place for bdays.

forgot what this is called but its a bunch of tiny fish.

standing wine bar afterwards, vivi, hiroko who i met in beijing and matsuda who i met in beijing but they never met each other before.

curry soup dinner in shimokitazawa. apparently its a famous sapporo thing. this was the almost hottest one, and it was about as hot as shin ramen (the american one is spicier than the japanese one i think). So that means hottest is not so bad. Man stuff in japan is just not spicy. Still good though.

38th floor of the Ebisu Garden place tower towards shibuya and daikanyama.

shibuya crossing with naoki's ultra wide angle

this izakaya in yotsuya has the cheapest and most awesome all you can drink plan ever. it's 1000 yen for 100 minutes and then you can extend for 30 more minutes for 300 more yen. It's self service. Here is a sampling of the drink library there.

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check out this video of a Japanese automatic draft beer machine. normal for Japanese but awesome for me.

Saizeria is a chain of cheap "Italian" food restaurants. they are usually filled with students, loner business men, and housewives. I would expect this kind of strategy in China but not here! every single bottle of tabasco sauce had the same amount in it, which as you can see is barely anything. same with this cheese.

see what i'm saying about the house wives? they have nothing to do all day but spend their husbands money and talk trash with the other housewives, taking up 5 tables in the process. At least they don't smoke and are spending a reasonable amount of their husband's money in a "quality establishment with authentic Italian food, friendly service, and prices that are hard to beat." Check out her shirt. It says "living large in the NBA". after reading it for a while i figured out that she is a walking Men's Health magazine. the designer just took a Men's Health magazine (Rodale Press Inc.) and put it on a shirt. hahhahaha. what's going on?!!! but i guess after the Tabasco Fiasco i should expect all kinds of China-like conduct in here.