Harajuku Hoedown

Another look at Harajuku and Ginza, and some upskirt photos!

the shirt says up up down down left right left right B A like those video game code tshirts in the US but in japanese

another pic of these girls waiting in line for something. There is no store in front of them, what could it be?

guy leading a small group of them down a side street. all to buy.................

these. Johnnies. singer idol superstars.

can you believe it?

rainbow ewok

a store called "Fancy Pocket" or fahn-shi po-ke-to off of takeshita dori.

Ginza station

やっと!アップスカート写真をとった! Finally I got my upskirt photos!

what is that guy doing.............ooh no he is not..

yes he is. don't look Marie, its disgusting.

yea well i got Hello Bear too hahah! or whatever its name is.

Toy Park is a toy store in Ginza. on the top floor they have this race track where you can race cars for 200 yen. its pretty long too like 5 minutes. The guy basically puts cars back on the track that fly off around the corners all day long.

Yamaha building in ginza

bought these postcards made out of real wood and a key chain that plays the Ebisu station chime so years from now i can play it and remember all those super awesome times i had at my home stop, ebisu.