Tokyo Xmas 2009

i bought this guy in Kyoto. He is an "oni" which is like a demon. they used to be looked at poorly but now they are kind of like mischievous guardians. doesn't it kind of look like me? from wikipedia "Oni (?) are creatures from Japanese folklore, variously translated as demons, devils, ogres or trolls"

I finally was able to get second hand speakers! and nice ones too, the Harman Kardon soundsticks for only $50. for a music lover living with just your laptop speakers is unacceptable. I don't know how anyone can live like that.

hiroko getting her nails did at this place near my house

some biker girl sprawled wide

waiting line went up the stairs at "maisen" which has the most succulent delicious tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet) that i've had thusfar in my life. Recommended!

perfect breading and fry job. inside they were like medallions of gold!

their sink contained an auto soap dispenser, auto water faucet and even an auto blow dryer all in one sink

christmas day i rode my bike to the shinjuku metropolitan building and went up to the two obervatory towers on the 45 floor. Tokyo looks huge

the weird looking one is the Cocoon tower. its actually a school

thats yoyogi park in the middle of all that. inside there somewhere is Meiji shrine

finally here is a shot of the happy mail truck that i have seen everywhere.

it was a lonely christmas, i bought cheese and crackers and cried myself to sleep and shat myself.

next day i went to the french embassy which is right next to my house and saw this exhibit of installation art. this graffiti guy you guys know, formerly i posted about his yellow cat i saw in Seoul last year and also above rosa's pizza across the st. from FIT on 27th and broadway.

hand stitched quilt tiles from various locations made by Air france stewardesses

this amazing sesame based ramen. its called tantanmen, oh man its soooooo good. recommended!

at the hospital for either my eye checkup or brain check up which wasn't a check up at all it was just a huge waste of time cuz all the doctor said was "everythings ok". no tests no nothing, they could have told me that on the phone.

is my mom going crazy? she sent me a 32 lb box for xmas filled with spam, chocolate, chips, cracker and stuff. i know it cost at least over $150 to ship

i asked for ear plugs and got this many. This is all appreciated but don't ever do this again and don't ever spend this much money again MOM! little baby jason will be ok without his choco and crisps. now i have to run off a lot of chocolate.

there is a flower shop on the way home from the subway and they always have resonably priced stuff and im always temped to buy. the day after i snapped this photo i was thinking what the heck, its only $10 why is this beaute not on my shelf?!! so i bought it the next day.

Zojoji temple on the east side of tokyo tower. also across the street from the Minato Ku city hall where foreigners like me go to get their "foreigner cards". So this is one of the spoils of doing my Asia adventure. Whilst doing crappy administrative tasks, or grocery shopping, or riding the subway, or watever its all a new experience and i can discover places like this.

jizo. the protectors of children and travellers.