Before Kyoto

I got this in the mail from Kult, the agency in Singapore that i worked with on the Tiger Beer project. a view master with all the artists artwork on the disks.

shibuya, random shrine with some shrineness going on.

wat are these things?

weird and cool how there are shrines even in the middle of shibuya.

Ai's friend Emi and her sister own a cafe in Kichijoji and it has a hammock theme. Everyone was from FIT and it was a welcome home party for Goro who i actually played ping pong with once at FIT. i didn't know the others though, i guess they graduated the year i started or i just never saw them.

i took the last train back to shibuya, but it only went 3 stops and ended so they only choice was to go back to kichijoji and hang out with those guys until the first train.

painting in progress. No computer will be used!