One Night in Beijing

One Night in Beijing, a song that is sung in ktv a lot. it gets intense, as did my last night in Beijing. here we go.

one night in beijing and what do i go and do? drink asparagus juice. another installation of jason trying chinese drinks. left to right 1. star fruit juice, super sweet and gross. 2. hey song sasparilla, kindof like cream soda, its ok. 3. Asparagus juice, what was i thinking? i would love to say it was so super gross but actually it only had a slight asparagus tinge, but its a super sugary drink which is gross so i only took a few swigs. i bet if we grew up being told that asparagus juice was awesome instead of coca cola we wouldn't even know.

everyone is carrying bags of this around these days. its moon festival time again in china. my poll has concluded that no one really like moon cakes, its just tradition so they buy and give. i think moon cakes are good though. these are for my buddies in Japan

good bye china daily newspaper that i painted probably 40 illlustration backgrounds on. and goodbye green plastic folder that i only intended to use as a makeshift palette once but ended up using in the whole 16 months. You will soon be replaced by the japanese equivalents.

nana from lanzhou china, anita from spain, and leo from chengde china

wang wei from beijing, sophie from shanghai/newyork, and zizzo from beijing.

one last ktv session.

this is where it all went bad. We ordered a bottle of johnny black. i was flying to tokyo the next day, what was i thinking? I wasn't thinking cuz i was already snookered. the bad part isn't even getting toe'd in the balls. you could basically circle this whole picture with white chalk and mark it as bad.

i would have missed my flight if ryan had'nt called me. i awoke still drunk and feeling like #@%@#. i had to smash the last remaining things in bags, suitcases and on my head. i wore 3 hats for all of monday. I had to end up paying 700 ($90) rmb extra cuz my suitcase was over weight but i got away with murder with my backpack, carry on little suitcase, and totebag, (and not 1 but 3 hats hahahah suckers!). My backpack alone was overweight cuz it had my laptop, power adapters and super heavy dubble harddrive monster harddrive.

i wanted to die the whole day. see the sun? i hate it. i was so hung over i couldn't even sleep.

Japanese people. they tied colorful little scarfs on every piece of luggage. Japanese people.