Deb and Sal - Sal's Lost Photos

Finally got these final fotos from Salih.  They are all from their final day in China.  We went to Da Tong in Shanxi provice, a 4+ hr drive away from Beijing, or was it 6?  anyway its the place with the many buddah carvings and the hanging temple, but you've already seen that so i am not including more of those.

the unflappable Mr. Pei (our driver)

the unflappable toll gate attendant

lots of china looks like this

this is the dirtiest town i have ever seen, probably because it is literally made out of dirt.  it's funny though some of them had sattelite dishes.

deb and sal's celebrity status met it's high at the hanging temple

this guy is saying get your mongoloid face out of the frame to me, and look debbie is holding hands with her chinese girlfriend.

nice shot sal.  this guy is doing what we should have been doing.  smelling the roses.

more dirt/cave dwellings.  Mr. Pei said that people lived in here during WWII to avoid bombs and stuff.  He said people still live in there now.

further down the road looks like some swankier dirt housing with non dirt doors.

the chow chow hair that is not uncommon here.  chow chow as in those orange colored dogs that are popular with chinese people, that look exactly like this girls head.  it could be confused with tina turner hair.

me and d's fav icecream.  its come kind of grapy stuff around "icecream" then coated with ice.

many dumb poses were taken everywhere. 

this one is high concept.  running paint ran down the side of this stone seat so its supposed to be like i shat myself.  You might not get it now but give it a few years and you will realize how arthouse i am.

delicious Xin Jiang province food made to look yummier with sal's magic lens.

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