Ai in Beijing - Day 2

2nd day of Ai's visit to beijing.  we kicked it off with a trip to 798.

Pyo Gallery, a Korean gallery

restaurant at 798, across from the 798 art center.  this hong xiao rou was absolutely amazing and i can't stop thinking about it.  i need to learn how to make this.  looks like lots of soy sauce and even more sugar marinated fatty pork.

at the UCCA cullens center they had some cool stuff.  this was a video game inspired by Mao's Long March campaign and other commie era stuff like that.  You could actually play it, there was a wireless controller shuffling around from person to person.

in this huge airplane sized hanger room there were all these flag poles tricked out with blowers that were really loud but created this amazing installation art.  faces of children on all the flags blowing on both sides of the room. 

it says war on the back of his ski doo.

a room full of this.  i wonder what it all means.

dinner with my roomate and her bf.  lots of drinky.  including bai jiu, the horrid 50% alc content chinese drink of choice.

and lots of huang jiu (yellow liquor)

all that lead to dancing at MIX.

I like to think that my crotch is so important and magical that magical mojo bubbles flow out of it when im in a good mood.

and it worked!!!!!

this crazy night ended in Ai realizing that her wallet was stolen, me calling the club a few times, them actually finding it, us going there at 5am to get it, everything being in it except for the money, eating a jian bing and going to bed.  the next day Ai was stuck in bed for a long while, we missed the forbidden city cuz it closed an hour early, and didn't do much of anything because Ai wanted to die, so there are no pics really from day three.  The next day Ai discovered at the doctor she had a viral fever and couldn't get on a plane for a few days.  What a good trip to Beijing.  Don't worry lil' guy,  you'll have plenty of time to get your revenge on me in Tokyo.  See you next time Ai-chan!

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