Wandering Retard

i was so disapointed by this thing. i thought it was gonna be chocolate coverd pretzel icecream and it was just crap icecream. thats why it cost 14 cents.

this is my friends place that i hung out with and her friend came from tianjin and they just sang the whole time drinking beer and sitting next to lake houhai. this was that night. her room is in the old neighborhood and i think it's pretty cool. its like $220 a month

this kitchen is a seperate structure

so is the toilet

here they are the two singers

lake houhai by night

this is the apartment complex that i looked at an apartment in and my friend ended up taking it. too bad, i would have liked to walk out every morning and pick a fresh tuber up off the ground and chomp on it

haha. this lady works at the "Monchichi" store. i actually own one of these monkey guys. this store sells nothing but these monchichi monkeys which have been around for decades. for some reason you are not allowed to even take pictures of their store front from outside in the mall area. i just ignored her pleas and kept snapping away and all she can do is stand there like this trying to block as many monchichi secrets as possible. She was right to be worried because i sold these pictures to the indonesian government who are now working on monchichi like blueprints in order to keep up with china's superiority in that field. anyway its so rediculous what people don't want you to take pictures of here.

this is the taiwanese guys restaurant. now with art on the walls! and amazing art it is! his son is 6. children's drawings always amazing me and i truely appreciate them. after you have had art training you are ruined for life and will never be able to make a purely fun and naive piece of art in your life. aren't his sons drawings super good though? most kids scribble but he totally filled in all the white spaces and super saturated the paper hinting at his genius works to come.

this was called some kind of pizza. they didnt cut it. it had some kind of shredded meat on top. it was good though.

i saw them changing one of these big billboard ads that are like 30 strips that spin around to display a differnt ad every minute.

this bathroom was pretty cool. all i can picture is that they just thrusted 4 brooms through the window so they could dry and it totally made sense because opening the window takes too much effort and is not as fun. thats probably not what happened but they sure are taking advantage of it now.