Post Japan Blues - Part 2

somehow the key to the utilities closet, which is behind a fire door and contains our boiler for our individual apartment got lost so I bought this lock picking kit and after 3 hours failed to pick the lock.  A locksmith from down the street came and with 2 screw drivers opened the door in less than 20 seconds.  It looked like the same credit card in the door method only he knew how rough he could be with the door.  There goes $80

spent quite a bit of time and days and sweat painting the new apartment.  The day we painted the ceiling was the worst.  It was back and neck breaking torture.  Thanks to Bartlett, Steven and Bobbers for the help.
spent grains at the other half.

Za-Ya, a new ramen spot opened around the corner from the other half in our hood.  Good but expensive like all ramen in NYC.  They make beef bone broth
deep fried burger at Korzo.

we drove up to Blue Mountain Reservation park in Peekskill for a hike.  There were a million mosquitos and we were not prepared.  Also I don't know if a story already exists on NPR or somewhere but it was notable that most of the population for Peekskill appeared to be Mexican and Donald Trump's worst nightmare.  There was tons of yummy looking Mexican food to be had 

Gun Hill Brewery in the Bronx on the way back.

$3 corner finds, and the Erroll Garner record is an ebay buy.

Onzow record player needle cleaner made of some kind of squishy miracle material

on this day the air was filled with these seeds, they even collected inside this bar

I wouldn't dream of eating anything other than Inuit caught.

cool new logo at Folksbier