A Sentimental Christmas - Part Two

The tree was overflowing underneath with presents this year.  Mostly for Mom.

On Christmas eve day at Wal-mart I guilted Mom into buying us nerf guns as stocking stuffers for old times' sake.  After breakfast we set up a timed obstacle course with different stations and targets.  There's bob doin' the tongue thing we saw on the tape he did as a kid

the parents competed and mom actually beat me by a 10th of a second!!!!  They weren't so happy about it the next day.  At ages 35 and 33 we got yelled at by our dad for playing nerf guns because we hit one of his guitars.

we used stop watches and bob made a spreadsheet which shows that mom beat me by .1 seconds, but she rockets ahead because she hit 1 more target than I did.

I read reviews for these guns outloud but no one found it amusing except for me.  Maybe it's cuz i didn't do it in my southern grandma voice.  Anyway this gun sucks and is super innacurate but it was beloved by nerf nerds online.  The gun and arrow tech has definitely improved a ton in 20+ years.  Now the arrows sting a little and its really hard to swat them out of the air now because they really get movin'.  
Nerf N-Strike Strong arm with slamfire which is just cocking and slamming the arrows out in rapid succession, highly innacurate.  This gun was beloved by all nerf nerds and i guess if i had to go into battle i'd pick this guy just for his 6 round capacity although he misfires a lot.
this Zombie strike gun was the most accurate but least powerful.  and like the bastards that they are they only give you two count em' 2 arrows.
They have a great business model going, forcing you to buy these extra packs.  Well I bet my parents are happy that there are no more darts whizzing through the air at their houses now that their adult child men kids are gone.

got Jen a 60s style wes anderson like record player cuz she (we) have wanted one forever.  And totally seperately Phil got her a D'angelo Voodoo record (the best record you could have gotten me in my opinion)!  No coordination going on, just happened serendipitously.  Sidebar:  little did I know Jen wanted a clear top player like what her parents had and what mine had so this one is going back and we spent a whole day researching and have a U-Turn Audio custom wood walnut turntable coming in a couple weeks.  Its a beauty and you'll see it here.

A new Christmas tradition?  this is our 3rd year making gingerbread houses and 2nd year destroying them.  Jen has a sad.  She got the Raish family started on the tradition of making gingerbread houses and really likes eating them.  But we are only human and we like to create and destroy.  Why do humans like to do this?

something like 4 teaspoons of gasonline in that bottle with the sandwich bag of tannerite with a snowman covering it all up.  Nothing to see here.

we got little sheets of Lexan to protect our phones set up for slow mo and my Canon Camera set up.  Lexan is 200x stronger than glass while Plexiglass is only 8x stronger than glass so we went with Lexan.  The air pressure from the explosion just tipped the phones over inside the boxes instantly so next year we will have to rig up for that.  My camera was fine because its heavy enough.

on all of the test videos also there would be this yellow glow 1 frame before the explosion happened down in the bottom part of the frame.

Merry Christmas

explosionslomo from Jason Raish on Vimeo.
The explosion in slow mo captured on jen's google pixel phone googlepixelexplosion from Jason Raish on Vimeo.
dad did a smoked turkey
Christmas dinner with the addition of a butter christmas tree.  Well what an adventure filled Xmas day that was and we were happy to find our parents spearheading the exploding things segment.