2017 Begins - Part 2

Steven amazingly brought all this back from Britain for us.  What a guy.  A bunch of British craft beers in "sensible American sized 12 ounce cans" and 2 kinds of LindisFarne mead. 

Folkbier Brewery has been around for a year or more on the map and we've been waiting for them to open up a tasting room or something because their facility's back wall is literally our backyard.  They finally opened a tasting room the other week and we were there for the soft opening.

its all German style beers and no IPAs which is refreshing because IPA is taking over the craft beer world.  Cool place and great beer

snow storm caught everyone by surprise

The Brooklyn Flea in the skylight one hanson building in downtown brooklyn.  We came for the record fair they were putting on.

the basement is a giant old bank vault.  Now it's filled with hipsters furiously flipping through boxes of records

what a toy, from Hitchcock's Psycho I presume.

soup dumplings and shen jian bao at Yasao Tangbao.  It's not that great, it's fast chinese food.

window display at this florist Jen always goes to on court street for photoshoot stuff.

the haul from the record fair, 4 for $20.  

Jen got a groupon for the 212 steakhouse which they say is the only restaurant on the east coast to have approval to use real Kobe beef.  That little medallion on the back right is the Kobe beef.  It sounded like everyone in there had a groupon. We got the 212 PREMIUM SELECTION FOR TWO

another surprise snow storm whilst Yoon and Celine were visiting.  We gathered up Steven and Foo and we amazingly hit all 4 breweries in our hood (The Other Half, Strong Rope, Threes Brewing, Folksbier) and had dinner and frankies.  So much beer.