2017 Begins - Part 1

The last few days of 2016 and the first of 2017

The Columbus Circle Morgenthal Frederics store front with my illustrations

Leonard Opticians on the east side.

December 30th, 2016.  There's a shortcut to get to The Jalopy Tavern from our house and it involves running past the entrance to the BQE

Jalopy Tavern had some cool free music goin' on
The girl playing bass was on every team lineup and played everything.

Yiddish band

No it's different, bob's hair flops down and mine flips up, I'm not shaping him like he's my little doll....
at the 59th Annual Society of Illustrators Advertising, Institutional, and Unpublished show.  This one is gouache by ?

There's my series on the wall, thanks to whoever gave me such a good placement in the gallery.

Ivan Ramen's triple pork triple garlic mazemen 

vegetarian ramen

tan tan men

jen got a big assortment cactus thing from a client and this bit of succulent broke off and I said maybe we can save it by doing this and Jen said you are dumb and 3 weeks later look at it now.  I put it in soil and we'll see if I'm dumb or if he lives a long healthy life.