Summer is Going Down a Treat

going down a treat is a british and australian idiom.  like it goes well with the audience
Brooklyn Bridge park.  This seems wrong to me, if you're treated like this your whole life what's that gonna do to you.  police vans with their lights on were there the whole time we were playing petanque.  They're not there at other times i've been in the park so I'm guessing they come at the time basketball players show up every day, just sitting there with the lights flashing letting them know they're just criminals in waiting.  I looked it up online and residents of Brooklyn Heights were complaining about basketball players showing up because of this newly constructed sports complex.

the most natural landscape petanque'able place i've seen in nyc so far, though i haven't been looking.  Looks like it's called MetroTech commons over by jay street metrotech

this photo is from holland, Van Der Kock's sister Jessica sent me this saying her dad's black cock is doing just fine

insane parking in front of my house.  This mazda miyata had to have pushed both of these cars back on their chassis to fit in there

I didn't hear it but one of the con ed guys said they had a helmet he could wear as we were walking away.  damn it that would have been perfect!
West 4th street courts

Jen's Bibim Guksu, cold korean noodles and more

finally got an iron and digital kitchen scale.  I like to play a game called guess the weight, and i'm bad at it.

discovered another whiskey distillery on the map in redhook and said let's go there now!  Stillhouse has been there for 5 years

they have a tour and you taste 4 of their whiskeys for $10.  Open til 8 and we walked in and caught the last tour.  Great find

mind blow of the day is that the alcohol becomes vapor in this copper tube with windows on it and then cooled back into liquid form in the silver tube on the right.

tasting room door

Boy, Moon, Bayonne ham.  Impromptu picnic in redhook looking out at the statue of liberty.  rode our bikes home, what an unexpectedly great evening.

Jen's photo for the Deux Bananes instagram account was regramed by Bon Appetit.  She said:  

B A O D O W N. Bao buns done doggy style. Because 'merica. 🌭🇺🇸  Bon Appetit commenters said stuff like genius and mic drop.  I've been on a bao kick and we had a bunch of leftover hot dogs so it just seemed like the natural progression to make bao buns.  The left one is filled with Korean stuff and the right filled with Mexican stuff.

the nicest soju i've ever had.  of course it's like all organic and really expensive but it doesn't taste like chemicals or come in a green bottle.