Bellport and Environs

look at these guys in our neighborhood!

one of Jen's events for Cointreau X Danielle & Jodie Snyder of Dannijo Soirée

there was a random table that looked like strangers could have a awkward dinner like thing with me and everyone else looking at them.

Ellen and Luke bought this cottage in Bellport, Long Island

a series of weird redneck tiki bars along the water in nearby Patchogue

Blue Point brewery next door

sweet ping pong table in their basement

residents only ferry to fire island

don't know how this horsefly trap works

the great baron flies again.

google maps says this address is Patchogue

are we having fun yet
carrying their horseshoe crab stash

lots of antiques sheds set up on a property somewhere around bellport.  Some of the people were not welcome to haggling AT ALL.