Keep on Truckin'

Keep on truckin' lil guy the post vacation depression has almost lifted.
this is depressing.  Our sweet and old land lady was taken away in an ambulance and is still in the hospital.

batteries for delivery guys' electric bikes

finally planting the herb garden my moms gave us

parsley, basil, cilantro.  Will the miracle of life happen?

Bob and I were walking along, me feeling sad for myself and he said look isn't that inspiring?  I looked up with a sullen face and said, wait actually yea it is!  I took a few  photos and then went back to being depressed.

a new addition to our already super small kitchen, bamboo steamers for all the stuff we make now that needs to get steamed.

loco moco mazemen, someone's recipe on loco moco noodles.

Outside the grand opening party for Domenico Vacca who suits up Hollywood including guys on the show Empire and Entourage.  It was released in the news the day before that he is super in debt and owes a lot of people money and yet is opening this mega property that even has luxury apartment suites as part of a lifestyle building.  These guys were yelling stuff like pay your bills.

the singer Maxwell, did'nt know at the time.

when you see them in real life they are so tall and Amazon it's weird.  You're supposed to be turned on but its like they some how assembled 8 freaks of nature together

you cat people I tell ya.