A Wedding in Hawaii - Before

A Wedding in Hawaii, we got hitched.  Jen is from Hawaii, the island of Oahu, the Hawaii Kai neighborhood to be exact.  Her 2 sisters were also married in Hawaii.  What a place to get married.  Here is a look at the before.  We spent 13 days there, 3 of it on the Big Island.   
the night before our 11 hour flight on Hawaiian Air out of JFK.  Their movie package is like $8 which I objected to but when you're on a plane for 11 hrs what choice do you have.  We watched goodfellas and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof after realizing we couldn't watch their free promo videos for 11hrs.
Jen's Aunts and mom greeted us at the airport with real flower leis, it really did feel nice receiving this treatment.  Hawaii charm offensive has begun

we were supposed to stay at Jen's aunt's house but her fam took that over so her dad got us a room in Ala Moana at the Ilikai hotel.

view of the area called "walls" because of the sea wall.

these guys are all over the place and creep jen out.  We never saw the translucent ones that really creep her out and lived in her childhood mailbox (so she says)

amazing sushi dinner somewhere with her fam
free running shoes via jen again, out with the old in with the new (reebok z-prints).
poke bowl (this one is ahi tuna) at the Banzai pipeline on the North Shore.  Jen says poke has been around forever but poke bowls are a newish thing.

Banzai Pipeline North Shore Oahu Hawaii from Jason Raish on Vimeo.

super windy with rough un-surfable waves

Hawaiian Iron Oahu Chapter

pineapple fields

why is this necessary in Hawaii?

Jen gives me glasses all the time and so I tried these out and thought I was discreetly checking out ladies until I looked in the mirror in the bathroom one day and clearly saw my eyeballs hahahahaha

walls, named because there is no beach, you get into the water by hopping off that wall.
Primo is like a rip off of budweiser banquet beer in every way, can design, and taste (not the greatest).

practicing for the luau behind the shed

the Hilton Grand Waikikian, Diamond Head in the background

drinking a mai tai at House without a key, Miss Hawaii 2011 was the hula dancer

only time I saw Aloha Lager.  The rest of the time it was Maui, Kona, or Primo (as far as hawaiian beers go)

the loco moco at Goofy Cafe & Dine (sic) was the best I had by far.  its a double by default, two patties, two eggs sunny side up, and all that delicious gravvvvvvvy.  Ok on to the big island!