Brew Day

This is the true power of the craft beer revolution.  If you follow the other half brewery on social media they tell you when their can releases are happening.  They sell beer almost exclusively in cans and they have become a beer nerds dream brewery.  The can releases are always on saturday mornings.  We gave up instantly when we saw this.  We talked to one guy and he said the first people there showed up at 5 am and he's been there since 7:30 am and it was 10:30 when we talked to him.  INSANITY.  The line went around 2 corners.

the second corner has been turned.  
there was no line for the pop up sandwich shop inside the brewery though.  We would get our beer later that night though and game the system.

time to brew with the sixpoint resin double IPA kit bob gave me for christmas.

we started off the night with drinks at the other half brewing co tasting room and picked up korean/mex food at kimchi grill on the way home.  we had a party of 11 people!  What a brew party

so a lot of the brewing process is taking the temp of the water and keeping it steady.  Didn't see that coming.

finally drank this blueberry liquor from North Korea that traveled around with me for 3 yrs.  It was kind of enjoyable actually and didn't taste evil

Three Testicles Brewing Co's first brew day and they're already arguing

boiling various stuffs for over an hour

the wort

tasting spent wort.  gross

gotta wait two weeks, bottle, and then wait 2 more weeks

things started getting weird.  A great time was had by all.

and to top it all off we were able to buy the beers that peeps waited 3 hours for in line later that night at the brewery cuz they had leftovers.  Score!  But then again these beers are $16 per 4 pack.  Next post.  Tasting our beer that has turned into donkey p!ss