2015 The Year in Review - Part 2

part two my year in review
the funniest thing of 2015?  Antonio falling into the pond with 2 cellphones in his pockets, and then slipping and falling straight onto his back cartoon style
engagement party camping weekend at my parents house was awesome
Scholastic illo about a prank gone wrong.
pretty chuffed with myself making this chalkboard out of a found frame
spent the most time ever on this 24"x36" poster of my fav shrine in kyoto, fushimi inari taisha
central park picnic, frisbee, kite flying
more time spent uptown cuz bob is staying at our aunts apartment overlooking the natural history museum.
for the wall st journal about slouching might be better for kid's concentration
saw the US open from the Citizen watch box, one of jen's clients.  Djokovic went on to win the whole thing
went to Woodstock, NY for the weekend
spread of a police raid on the black panther's strong hold in 1970
adventures in pork belly and a new korean earthenware cooker pot.  Hong Xiao Rou 
we did the CSA this year and had more vegetables than we knew what to do with
september 11th, 2015 from brooklyn bridge park
super blood harvest moon party in willyburg with one of jen's clients.
after more than 2 years I finally got a new iphone 6 and a real phone plan and not pre-paid.  phones are a big part of life now so this is actually news you guys.
apple picking and cider making trip at my parents house.  The only cider mill for hours is in Canisteo

finally made makkeoli and it worked!
spread for teaching tolerance for a painter in kenya
more adventures in longtime braised pork belly, this time buta kakuni japanese braised pork
one of jen's old clients hooked us up with this Tidal and HTC superstar concert featuring, Jay-Z, Nas, Usher, Flatbush zombies, and most importantly nicki minaj and beyonce's bubble booties.  this photo was also my most popular instagram post ever.  it really is the booty decade.
halloween was a little less epic this year.  I think the cheer and energy has to be brought back to a few holidays in 2016

exhibited 2 pieces at the society of illustrators 
illustration week 2015 featured lots of illustrator chillin
went to Sleepy Hollow, NY 

went to northern california, San Francisco, Napa, big sur, and the whole Pacific Coast highway

a night that lead to an impromptu 2 person dance party to christmas music at home

bob's birthday lead to an unexpected karaoke session that was our best in a long long time.
parent's got a new rare brown and white landseer newfoundland, Harper

christmas snowman suits, the literal height of the christmas cheer seen here. 

2016 is the year of the monkey.  I'm gonna be reaching for the moon in 2016 and you should too!

Here is my year in movies list on IMDB.  It started with Michael Bay's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and ended with Cinema Paradiso.  Started low brow finished high brow.  I also broke my previous record of 90 things watched, I watched 95 things in 2015.  That's domestication for you.  

Best movie: Ex Machina, The Master, runner up: inside out

worst movie:  chocolate (thai martial arts flick), runner up: Rounders, Star wars episode 1

best nerd movie(marvel, star wars shit): Ant Man.  also i hate that this is a catergory now cuz so much of hollywood output is nerd movies.

funniest show:  peep show, runner up: nathan for you (and south park of course)

worst show:  master of none, dare devil

awesome movies:  Django unchained, mad max, holy motors, shaun the sheep, bill cunningham new york, attack on titan (anime show), nature shows on the bbc (human planet, life), 12 years a slave

most dissapointing:  The martian, monty python and the holy grail, a very murray christmas

Surprise of the year: Ant Man, i actually liked this nerd movie

overall 2015 wasn't a very a good year for movies so a lot of the good stuff i saw is from other years.