San Francisco - Part 2

In Oakland I saw Irish names on these construction things and this one is in San Francisco.  Looks like the Irish or peeps of Irish decent have a strong hold on construction in the bay area.

in front of Blue Bottle coffee.

this guy's pose and demeanor is pretty fitting for the coffee snobbery that's going on here and has become popular.  Pour over coffee.  water's gotta be a certain temperature, pouring speed important.  It is good but I wouldn't want to do this at home

the boat to Alcatraz

was raining and glooming on the way there

what's the deal with Indians vs. Native americans as a politically correct term for the indigenous peoples of the area now knows as USA?  I've been hearing on PC podcasts lately that they say Indians but we always learned in school that that's not cool.  Anyway sometime in the 60s the some of the aforementioned peoples from various tribes occupied alcatraz claming it as theirs as a way to draw attention to how USA f'd them over

alcatraz housed some famous criminals such as Al Capone, and machine gun kelly.  Three dudes escaped once and were never found.  They assume they are dead because making it across the water seems impossible.  It makes me want to watch Escape from Alcatraz, the Clint Eastwood movie about that escape.

sometimes good prisoners were able to see this view of San Francisco and it tortured them.  If the wind was right they could hear people drinking and having fun

we broke off from the fam and took a quick jaunt up the Greenwich steps.  I knew nothing about it and saw it on google maps and said lets check it out.  From the street it doesn't look so cool and I might have not done it but I'm glad we did.  It was actually super cool, went up pretty high, and was filled with beautifully landscaped houses all the way up.  It was like a mini jungle retreat in the middle of the city.

I guess you're in the Telegraph Hill neighborhood when you get to the top

hey girls that guy looks like he could make $200,000+ dollars a year, jump on him!

Crawfish beignets at Brenda's.  Brenda's came with the highest recommendation and I can pass that on to you.

forgot what this was but its with grits and the biscuits are awesome.  So that's it for our short glimpse of San Francisco.  Will be back sometime.