Illustration Week 2015

Illustration Week 2015

Don't trust Pete Ryan

The American Illustration party at the Angel Orenz foundation is the biggest illustration industry party of the year, as if there are any others.  Illustrators and art directors from around the world come to nyc for illustration week and this party.  (photographers too but they stay on their half of the venue).

open bar leads to people gettin crazy at the after party in greenpoint

Raquel Aparicio stayed at our house for a bunch of days.  I stayed at her house in Valencia when I lived in Spain

oh look who's got a hipster F$#@ haircut now Bob

last CSA pick up for the season

Ricardo Lopez Ortiz, Chris Vision, and Scott Brundage

James Bascara, Richie Pope, John Lee, Jonathan Bartlett, and more came out

IO also from Valencia came out

CSA problems

Dadu at work in the Pencil factory studios

tried to make dan dan noodles, didn't really work out

farmers market from the window of bob's/jill's pad

pretty delicious Mediterranean food at Bustan in the upper west side, north african Shakshouka def better than greek shakshouka