Holiday Times - Part 2

what a fool I was to think that these baked cheese crunchies from Trader Joes would compare to cheetos at all.  These don't even deserve to be mentioned on the same line as cheetos.

peeps bring it with the holiday directions in our hood

how delicious sounding is hot prepared shredded squid?

四色そぼろ丼 Japanese 4 color rice

event at Zarin fabrics in LES/chinatown

the start of an unexpected fun night at the other half tasting room

finally tried peat monster which fueled our fun night.

didn't have this bunnahabhain one but supposed to be good

this beat pappy van winkle in a blind taste test and costs less and is available for sale.  Never knew about pappy van winkle but there are waiting lists to buy pappy van winkle cuz they only release like 5000 cases a year (a big maker like jim beam makes 7 million cases a year).

traveller's bar has 120 whiskeys.  After the magic of whiskey Jen and I went home and had a 2 person holiday dance party for an hour

bob had a good birthday.  We ate korean fried chicken, had multiple kinds of korean booze and ended up at karaoke with a nice sized group of 5 and everyone was into it and it was the best session we've had in a long time.

Meat Loaf - I'd do anything for love (but I won't do that)