Apple Pickin' - Part 2

after seeing how many apple people had the day before we decided to get some more.  We still only ended up with like 2 bushels, but then again we weren't really trying cuz you can only drink so much cider.  If i was a redneck and younger I would probably laugh at us with our sad little tub of apples.

goin' up the thing to get warshed.

6 layers of apple mush gettin' cranked up towards the ceiling via diesel engine.

you get a ton of cider from this.

hornet or bee nest, it was huge

these a-holes are everywhere there are apples.

crab apples

father and son emptying our sad little container of apples onto the conveyer belt.  Afterwards we wiped the coal from our faces and hung our heads whilst we held our wool newsboy hats.  My dad said, well son, maybe we can affords that ice cream cone next year.  I sniffled and said it's ok pa, who needs it, we gots a gallon of cider.

after the pressing it runs into a UV treatment machine and then gets bottled

As me and Pa stood there capping jug after half gallon jug my eyes began to get wider and wider with amazement.  We ended up with 23 half gallon jugs (11.5 gallons).  There would be ice cream cones!  (except for that's not true becuse we aren't cider farmers and now we have to somehow drink 11 gallons of cider).

what a harvest, it almost makes you forget how we had to wait around for hours and the whole thing took 5 hours

There is a new establishment in town, Cider Creek.  Doctor Collin's son Kevin started making hard cider a while ago and they sell it in Wegmans and they built this place and the grand opening was the day before.  The place is nice, I never would have imagined a place like this could exist in Canisteo, NY.  They have 3 of their hard ciders on tap and a bunch of craft beers, including sixpoint on tap!  I can't believe it.  I hope this place makes it.


We went to 4 cayuga lake wineries on the way back to the city.  This is at Sheldrake.  They have their own dock and I guess they'll take you across the lake.

This is at Buttonwood, which in our opinion had the best wine out of all of them.  We went to Knapp, and Toro Run also.  Cayuga lake wineries didn't really do it for us.  We hear that Seneca has better.  We also know that Keuka certainly does.

it was harvesting season.

Toro run does have the best view like everyone said.  Well time for a nice 6 hour drive back to new york and getting immediately to work on deadlines :(