Apple Pickin' - Part 1

went apple pickin' upstate at my parents house

on the start of the pedestrian bridge from carroll gardens to red hook

these ghost pepper chips from Trader Joes are bullsh!t.  not so spicy

this spread for teaching tolerance came in the mail

Columbia event with Jen

these two have to travel for a year or something camping for Columbia

scientist guy explaining their new titanium fabric that is supposed to be for real water proof unlike goretex that gets soaked through after a while.

they gave everyone their choice of coat!  I got one of their newest titanium rain coats.
after 4 or 5 days it was Makgeolli harvesting time.  Strained all the stuff through cheese cloth and ended up with more than I thought we would.

after a few cups we realized it's stronger than we thought.  It's usually like 8-10% alcohol depending on how long you let it ferment for.  The next day we were still alive so that means we didn't make 5 liters of poison.  It was a success!

that long 6+ hr drive to Canisteo, New York is a little nicer with fall leaves.

2 red tailed hawks were hanging out.

someone's chuffed

the 6 apple trees were filled with fruit.  I overheard someone at the cider mill saying this was a bumper year for apples.

parents think these are norther spys.  they're not sure though.

oh did you get startled lil' guy?

the best ones saved for pies


Lain's Cider mill is in Canisteo.  Apparently it's the only one around for at least an hour and a half drive cuz that's how far one person drove to get their apples pressed.

Tried 2 kinds, Honey Crisp (i see now why they are sought after) and Autumn Crisp (pretty tart, prefer honey crisp!)

after the washing process the apple get chopped up for pressing.

they wrap in some kind of cloth or material and do it over again making layers until they have enough to press.  In our case we only had enough to make one layer.  We wouldn't find this out until the next day because there were so many people ahead of us waiting to get custom pressings that we would be waiting there for like 5 hrs.

macbook pro charger cord got pinched and severed somehow right at the end that goes into the brick part so i ordered a spare section with the intent of getting it open and soldering it at my parents house but my dad kind of just did it.  It's now put back together and working although it doesn't look the nicest because apple doesn't make it easy to get inside their products.