We took a trip to Woodstock in upstate New York over labor day weekend.  Yes, that woodstock, of the famous hippie music festival in 1969

The Pheonicia Diner is good stuff

There are a bunch of swimming holes in the area and we checked out all the major ones.  On the way to fawns leap we heard latino music coming from the river bed
It turned out to be Latino river party USA.  They had tables chairs, dominos games going on and of course tunes.  They were really goin at it.

we decided to walk up the river to Fawn's leap.  had to hold your possesions over your head at some points because you're stuck in a canyon.

steven fell in the water and i missed it

this girl kept on sliding down these jagged rocks.  wtf

fawn's leap is a 24 ft drop, although maybe a little more since the river level was so low at this point.  It doesn't look so bad in the photo but in real life it looks pretty high.  and when people hit the water it makes a big boom.  If you don't keep your limbs in they'll hit the water and sting and turn red.  Steven jumped.  Steven's biggest disappointment was the large amount of rednecks here.

Steven Drops from Jason Raish on Vimeo.

watermelon helmet.  

steven got assaulted by a bug and some old woman who wanted him to get a move on up the hill told him it's because of how he smells.  zing

The Commune Saloon is a pretty cool place.  We had dinner and drinks at Shindig and one of the girls told us her boyfriend bar tends here and its the best of the 3 places that are open after 10.

The bear cafe and the little bear are all in this commune like space.  Yes someone had an occulus rift or some kind of virtual reality headset thing that everyone was trying.

s'mores time

There is no Uber in woodstock and the one taxi service in town probably run by one guy wasn't answering the phone and the next closest taxi is in Kingston 20+ minutes away.  That means if you all want to have fun at the bar you have to walk home for 1 hr.  We got bartender to sell us a bottle of wine for the road and we had a lot of fun on that 1 hr walk

good ol steven headly

pretty much the only thing cool about our airBnB.  I guess it did the job, all we did was sleep there.


there he is again he just won't go away, it's almost like he's having a laugh

lots of hippies of all ages around.  This guy was just draggin' a stick along the ground at 9am.

cool story man

some glassware seller who set up a sign facing out towards the river so swimming holes peeps can slosh ashore and fulfill their glassware needs.

Millstream was the best swimming and it's right at the edge of town.  Granted it was like 10am but there weren't that many people and it had a cool layout and wasn't all about people getting psyched up to do a big jump and onlookers watching.  This was was about just chillin

it's been 2 weeks now so it's safe to say no one got a brain eating amoeba.

This is Big Deep swimming hole.  The worst of the 3.  no real redeemable qualities here unless you like to skip stones for more than 3 minutes.  It was NOT deep and steven especially enjoyed the obese woman who set up shop in her chair right there.

plenty of aging hippies.  Dude started playing his didgeridoo

on our way to Kingston.  Really screwed us

Kingston is a cute town.  Not pictured is how we hightailed it out of here after lunch, went to that park with lake beach in the middle of it, Clarence Fahanestock state park, slept on the beach for a while, and then went home to cry because our great weekend was over.

bonus, we got a ticket when we parked alongside the road by the first swimming hole.  50+25$$?????!!!!!! those a-holes know they can write anything they want and we'll pay it.  To be fair there was a sign that said no parking but everyone was parking there and there was no where else to park that didn't mean having to walk miles.  That must be a nice chunk of change for city hall driving around there every summer handing out tickets.  Shooting fish in a barrel.  While they're away at the swimming hole