Gettin' Nippy

We're into september and it's starting to get nippy in the evenings :(

New York Fashion Week scum.  JK I don't know if all the photographers are scum I just imagine them to be like a plague.

Blue Les Copains event at the top of the Standard hotel at sunset

google's new york HQ on the right.

later on at a Kenneth Cole store opening party on bowery and bond.  We didn't know who this was and I heard a familiar song and thought oh they're just covering songs, but the next week I would look at my spotify and see that I added one of their songs to my list that week and this duo turns out to be "Lion Babe".  I'm old and not cool anymore. 

more fun with CSA veggies.  Pipérade from the basque region of France made with tomatoes, peppers, onions etc and eggs nestled in there 

Opening at the Society of Illustrators for the New Visions show.  I had two pieces in there, forgot to take a photo of the other one.

Batman show at the society also.

you fool clay you fool

John Tomac, me, Daniel Fishel

girl lost her scooter in the block party madness

more CSA veggie fun, this time with the spaghetti squash.

Sole and capers and leftover pipérade and also sauteed chard from the CSA

The Amazing Garden on the corner of carroll and columbia has an annual fundraiser again this year, a contest to see who has the best sandwich in brooklyn.  By far not a comprehensive contest since there were only 3 contestants but there were some good sandwiches going on.

Jalopy tavern's radiator sandwich with charred salami won.  Each place had a vegetarian option.

swiss chard

never seen kale before "in the wild"

after internet sleuthing I have determined this is just Tuscan kale, perhaps the bottom part of it was harvested?

Egg is the 1 place that is all the way in Williamsburg and was just here for support cuz they are members of the garden or something they said.  I thought their Cuban-American sandwich was the best

what are these things?

little jazz fest happening at another community garden around the corner.

Brooklyn Crab

told you they have mini golf back there!  it's pretty challenging.

they have a ton of hot sauces at Brooklyn Crab and this widow stuff is actually SUPER hot

I don't know what's going on, maybe it's new york turning bob into New York Bob, the more a$$hole-y, aggressive, un-thoughtful, in it to win it, version of bob who can now crush me at cornhole every single time.  Earlier this week bob crushed steven and i at least 20 times at cornhole, we couldn't even scratch him.  Then bob went and beat steven at pool (by technicality steven scratched on the 8 ball at the end) making steven very upset that bob might be taking the lifetime sports crown.  At least I beat him today and regained some of my dignity but watch out people new york bob is coming.

it's goin' down.

Sunny's around the corner from the Brooklyn Crab has been passed down through family since 1890.

that's it for this week.  It's gettin' nippy.