East Coast Somewhere

NY and DC

happy hr drinks at Holiday Cocktail Lounge on st marks which just re-opened recently.  Looks like an old social club inside

saw this place once when looking for apartments and finally got to try it.  Umi no Ie, homestyle japanese cooking on 3rd st between 1st and 2nd ave.  delicious, kinda expensive, and small portions, just like japan.

so turning a big street found frame into a chalk board worked!
word of the day:  Chuffed (Brittish) ex: Jason is pretty chuffed with himself and his new chalkboard.

going to DC for Zachary's 4th birthday, he gets 9 original hims and 9 in color.

he's like a whole new kid since last time i saw him.  he's talking and lucid and more into my foolishness.

is this really what we (Americans) and they (the Marines) want their public face to be?  I mean I know sometimes sh!t has to be absolutely positively destroyed overnight but everyone knows we're already the biggest military superpower in the world.  This sticker is like putting an adhesive muscle shirt on your car.  At least it wasn't on an H3 Hummer.

Like a scene from that cartoon Bobby's World.  Z's bday went down at Fort Myer Bowling Center.  Ft Myer is next to Arlington Cemetery so they handle that mostly.

Jordan, Will, Pari and Jen why do you have to do that.

Nice form.  Ivan and Pari have a kid now.

National Building Museum.  These white balls are supposed to be part of this beach.  A beach that costs 20 dollars to get into and an hour wait.  We are outta here.

72nd and Broadway

Hayden Planetarium from Jill/Bob's roof.