Come On In Fall but leave your sad vibes at the door

Fall is here

September 11th, 2015

there were these white things floating around in the lights, don't know what they were

the BQE from the brooklyn height promenade

new place called June on court street

we joined a CSA (community supported agriculture).  basically you pay in full at the beginning of the season so the farmers know how much demand there is for their stuff and you get to be part of a little community that gets farm fresh stuff every week or every other week like we signed up for.  The Carroll Gardens CSA is the closest one to us, they set up in the Transit Garden across from the 2nd st F train subway entrance every saturday.

its was about $300 for 3 months of every other week pick up.  Here's what we got the first time.

chard, spaghetti squash

tomatoes so good.

we get flowers and eggs too.

bobs new friend.

plums and peaches too.
block party on our street.

Ellie used to walk by with her mom Carolyn everyday on the way to school and wave to me while i was working at my desk by the window.  They live a block over and i told them to come to the block party.
I knew our apartment was crooked but never saw the stair going up from across the street.

they had a DJ and drink swap after 5pm for the adults.

was still going into the night.  We talked to a bunch of neighbors and heard stories from some of the Italians about how it used to be a huge affair with the whole neighborhood being Italian and from the same town on the same island and each house competing with each other for who could get the most people in front of their house partying.  Those must have been the days.  Now the neighborhood is filling up with various families that aren't italian and young couples like us.

parents gave us their old wok, it's initial flight in our house was a huge success.  Brined pork belly gettin' browned.

sauteeing the tomatoes for xi hong shi chao ji dan.
and boom look at that! Hong Shao Rou, or red braised pork belly.  It cooked in that clay pot on the stove top for a while with ginger, garlic, sugar, soy sauce, etc...
si chuan green beans (although made from some heirloom green beans from the CSA so not green really).  The ubiquitous tomato and egg dish from china, and the pork belly.

one more parting shot, as you can tell was so chuffed with myself.

and the goodness goes on to the next day at breakfast.  fried rice up in there with the left over sauce and stuff and threw some eggs in there for a one clay pot breakfast.  So chuffed.