Spring's Last Legs

The Wisteria in the back yard climbed all the way to the top of this tree and invaded several back yards.  What a beautifully invasive vine when it has lavender flowers but I wonder what it will look like when the flowers are gone

this hostess girl at Greenwood Park beer garden wins.  Proving 50's style can do a number

somewhere in Carroll Gardens.  Facebook's facial recognition software automatically tagged Bob in this photo. Way to have a (insert racially insensitive asian descriptor here) face Bob! hahahaha. You could also insert a joke about all asian's looking the same. Even thousand year old terra cotta ones.

the beautiful Gowanus Canal

Vehicle Wraps chromed out ride with fins. 3rd ave

bottle caps

you'll see this in any neighborhood with brownstones on the weekends

Dixon's Bike Shop park slope

Catskill water gate.  You can find these around new york, the city gets it's water from the catskills

The Society of the Citizens of Pozzollo on Henry Street in Carroll Gardens founded in 1919.  Pozzollo is a town in Sicaly, Italy.  Another reason to love Carroll Gardens

raising the bridge for one private boat on 9th st

New cool bar discovery, the Brooklyn Inn on the corner of Bergen and Hoyt.  They have Brooklyn Brewery Sorachi Ace on draft, only a few places do.  It's one of Brooklyn Brewery's special beers that you see sold in the big 1 liter bottles.  Feels like this bar should be in Oxford or something with drinking rooms and the natural light billiards room.

Brooklyn Inn
Spring's last legs.  Summer is upon us!