Mother's Day - Part Two

long haired dog people life
set up a tripod and remote to get the barn swallows

early birthday present for mom.  herbs.  lets see what we got here, basil, curly and flat leaf parsley, rosemary, greek oregano, thyme

this is how you mother's day.  picnic in stony brook park.  cous cous, deviled eggs, gazpacho, meat and cheese board, olives, red and white sangria, potato salad, guacamole and chips, sun dried tomatoes, the dogs, the sun, sunday, a few of mom's favorite albums on shuffle play.  Everyone was actually happy for about 10 minutes.

this is how you don't mother's day.  Thunderstorm quickly advanced on us and the parents fled in one car with the dogs and me and bob packed up and got soaked to the bone.  Mother's day ruined
at least i saved the cheese board, at least I saved the cheese board.  Now we were topless and had to drive home for 30 min.  We made the most of it and enjoyed delectable combos of tapas
a little high low.  Highbrow and low brow.  red necks enjoying the fine points in life.

so all was not lost, we still had corn hole back at the ranch.  The parents actually really enjoyed it!  So in the end mother's day was a success.  The fates have it against us when it comes down to us putting lots and lots of time and effort into doing something nice for our mom.  Last time the power went out 10 seconds into our British the party.  We even got dressed up in suits for that one.

we played 5 games of round robin switching up teams.

after dinner bob and i played more one on one corn hole for the king of the valley title and it was so much corn holin' that we were sore the next day.  I bet I know how hates corn hole.  The next door neighbors.  Cuz the sound of those 1 pound corn bags hitting the corn hole board that's basically an acoustic boom box just echoes off the barn and hill right at their house.

pond full of tadpoles.  It is SO LOUD at night with all the various frogs over there.  I bed I know who hates this new pond, the next door neighbors who get it echoed off the barn and hill straight at their house whilst we have that as a sound barrier at night, all night long.  Ok so mother's day achieved!  Onto the next level.