Mother's Day - Part One

My first mother's day at home in many years.
Brody has a new toy

scouting wood to make a cornhole set

the pond now a couple years old has come into it's own.

he only likes to go in a little bit despite knowing how to swim.  maybe he doesn't like the soft texture of the bottom compared to the lake he swims in?

at the tractor supply store trying to find feed corn to fill the corn hole bags with we found this alpaca/llama feed

cutting circles with a mitre saw is hard!  So many power tools in action on corn hole building day.

happy mother's day mom, now get back to sewing those corn hole bags!

Bob's favorite part of this whole process was making each bag weigh exactly 1 pound with a digital scale.

and bam we have a hand made corn hole set!  I cost us a day of our lives though.