Bob's Back - Part 2

If you're around in the afternoons on court street in Carroll Gardens you'll see Green Lady and her golden retriever.  She is friends with tall army style cap lady that stands in front of the Carroll Street subway station.  I know this because they passed on the sidewalk in front of Abiline one day and were like old pals.  Crazy pals

Red Hook exploration.  Photo by bob.  he really liked these cats

a red hook in Red Hook
after beers and frito pies at the Icehouse we saw this place and went to peep through the gate and this guy jumped up on the gate barking and scared us!  we was so scared!  he done got us goods

roasting coffee and D'Amico on court street.

Gowanus Canal

Steven is in a Bocce ball league here at Union Hall and these newbie girls we played didn't like that very much.  Also dude on left was wearing vibrim 5 fingers shoes that are like gloves for your feet for running in the "barefoot style".  Wearing them for anything other than fitness makes you a tool or a tech startup employee or a hippee.  It's hard to tell judging from his whole appearance and dancing around to the music but the common denominator here is:  a tool. 

The next day we went clothes shopping on 5th ave in the upper teens.  We scored some new threads and took a break at City Bakery on 18th st for food and what Jen said is the best cookie.  Food is expensive and the cookie is pretty good.  I don't know if it's the best though.  But can I tell you the best cookie i've ever had?  no.  so there you go. 

most agree that this 2nd haircut touch up I gave bob was good and needed.

there have been about 3 waves of flowers going from magnolias to cherry blossoms to dog woods and lilacs and whatever these pink super dense flowers are that make a crazy canopy.  Also Bob is wearing some of his new dudz

court street street fair.  Standard stuff

Chris brought his lacrosse sticks.  First time trying it, I can see how it's fun.

girl boy bunny

Bob checking out Chris's Fender Stratocaster from some year