Winter Just Won't Stop

aaaaand winter just won't stop.  more snow and super coldness.
supplies for our Hawaiian party

SPAM musubi is Hawaiian.  Lost the photos on my camera but this thing got piled high with them.

vanilla and chocolate egg creams from Farmacy on carroll gardens.  If this is what an egg cream is then don't sign me up.  It was like drinking dirty ice cream water.

I got this sun sniper tripod mount camera strap thingy last christmas but never posted it.  similar to the other one i had but less parts so maybe the metal won't wear away and break and leave my camera rolling in the street.  the whole thing swivels on a big ball bearing.

Chinatown haul.  $37.  If it looks like an american person went shopping then sorry, I don't have time to roast in-season chestnuts, boil all kinds of bones, or any of the other chinatown stuffs I wish I could buy.

even in the cold there are cat parties on a cold tin roof.  Yes it's the rare one day when its sunny in this photo but they also hang out on cold days too.  The coldest of days no, they're not stupid.

Smith 9th Streets station

the view from 5th ave and 15th street Brooklyn.

sausage platter at Der Kommissar, an Austrian bar in south slope.  They're house made Sriacha sauce is super hot.  It's hard to find super hot sauces and that one is blazing!

off of 9th street next to Lowes

A sad Lowe's parking lot.  The BQE and all its traffic elevated in the sky, the sanitation department in the back.  Not a corner of new york you need to be hanging out in unless you're painting your apartment

Sr. and Jr.

Buttermilk, another bar in south slope.  mini shuffleboard bowling amongst other games.  It seem like all bar on 5th ave in Park Slope/south slope have pinball machines. and people actually play them.  We saw a real pinball wizard and some kind of pinball team.
a guns n' roses pinball machine

complete with a gun and rose ball launcher.
onto more games.  Jen actually won

kickin' us when we're down.  Winter is such an a$$hole.

This is what it looks like when you get something back from the Canon repair facility in New Jersey.  My 40mm f/2.8 STM pancake lens started giving a Err 01 at any aperture other than f/2.8 and they said it would be $100 bucks plus tax and shipping to fix it and it's a $150 lens so even the guy recommended buying new.  I hate being that guy that just buys new but I had to on this one.

and slightly chuffed that I finally got a wall map.  Wish it was bigger.  Random scissors taped to the wall for size.  Still looking for the perfect map in the meantime.  This is a Rand McNally classic map, stereographic projection.  Aren't my blog posts so fun these days?  Stereographic projection.