The Start of a New Year

I was wrangled into being on a team in a shuffleboard league at the royal palms in gowanus.  Another game for old people that the hipsters have taken over.  I actually love shuffleboard.  Team name is "Gravy Train with Biscuit Wheels" which was a line from the movie "kingpin".  This applies to the game because the discs you fling around are called biscuits.

last season the team for 4 and 4.  This season is not going so well, we are 1 win 3 losses......

poached a whole chicken and made chicken pot pie.  my crust crimping game is abominable.  I gotta work on that.  if you boil a whole chicken you can get like 5 meals out of it.  also me and bob had a discussion about the merits of crust crimping.  food dork time over.

not!  The Chicken tinga burrito at Tacqueria Tepango on myrtle ave in Clinton Hill is huge and amazing.  Is it glazed in butter? 

another precious worldly possession recovered from my parents house.  This is one of the Tanuki statues I got in Tanuki town in Ibaraki, Japan.  If you look closely you can see his tiny testicles.  They are magical.  If you look it up Tanuki's really do have magical balls.  

when you send japanese year of the sheep new year's cards (as is tradition) to your friends in japan you get some back.

Jen's parents came to NY.  Of course her dad dropped a lot of money on some amazing meals

they like broadway shows so we took them to see A Gentleman's guide to love and murder.  Very well done.  Also in the theatre they give you your wine in sippy cups.
suicide doors.  As soon as the show is over they open up a whole wall of doors to the street.

Mario via paris from Toronto had canadian money and i noticed the arm from the international space station was featured on the back on the 5 dollar bill.  That's funny that that is Canada's big claim to fame.  hahahaha Canada.

a promotional piece for the Children's market