Christmastime in the Valley - Part 3

We decorated gingerbread houses and constructed a Christmas village again.  This time we used a recipe called "structural gingerbread" because no one wanted to eat the houses last year.  Except Jen.  She really really wanted to eat everything.  Maybe next year we'll make real gingerbread again.  But wait....what do you do with a Christmas village that you can't eat?  You can't just throw it away.  See what plans we had for it in the next post.

Jen and Jason's house

Parent's deluxe sized house

Bob's Bachelor pad with Landseer Newfoundland dog pooing in the yard.

Steven and Sophie's house

A game of Zombies!!!  Screw people over, help each other out of go solo whilst the die determine your post apocalyptic zombie fate.

Bob got Cinelinx for christmas where you use your film knowledge to link up actors, directors, movies, genres together.  

we visited our grandfather, Bob Raish Sr. who together with his brother Tom won the Irish sweepstakes in 1959.  They went to collect their winnings in Ireland and had a ball and lots of adventures. It was quite a bit of money, he bought their house, a car, and paid for all his kids.

He was in the paper in his hometown but also in the paper in Ireland.

Hashbrowns first try with the stainless steel professional Miu mandoline slicer that Bob got me for Christmas.  Thanks bobbles