Christmas Time is Here

Christmas in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn is like a battle of the nativity scenes.  Is cool to see everyone decorating up their houses

I see this guy run by everyday from somewhere.  He looks like he's been running for 75 years straight.

the time of year when I make the new year's card with paint and not digitally.  It's a tradition I picked up while living in Tokyo.  The post office there magically delivers all the traditional new year's cards on January 1st.  2015 is the year of the sheep.

The final product.  The top left says the year in the special Japanese numbering system.  2015 is the 27th year of the Heisei era.  Below that is the special character for sheep used for the year of the sheep only, all other times there is another character for sheep.  The bottom left says happy new year.  In 2015 go your own way.

my back of the yard squirrel friend.  Jen says he's been pooing on the fire escape but I say just let him do what he wants.

Christmas party at John and Christine's.  Their apartment was featured in Domino magazine

all the drawings for this big pharmaceuticals project I worked on.

even in front of our house the owners put up lights.

bigger apartment, bigger tree.

out the window
Christmas Goose!!!!!!!!!!!  -Bob with goose, Gowanus Canal, Brookyln, NY

Bob's bday, drinks, Momofuku Noodle Bar, Karaoke

the famous pork buns filled with pork belly, cucumbers and hoisin sauce in a chinese bao bun.  Amazing

the famous Momofuku ramen made with that amazing stock which includes his bacon katsuobushi invention.

happy birthday bob.  -Bob with Possessions, Carroll Gardens, NY

Barcade on Union st Williamsburg

Jonathan Bartlett, bob, and I defeated the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game twice!  As always we know we are so cool so please hold the comments and fan mail.