The Raish Brothers Brotherly Roadtrip - CO-NM-TX

On this day of the Raish Brothers Brotherly road trip we drove from Aurora, Colorado through the north west corner of New Mexico and into Texas as far as Sweetwater where we stayed the night.
We bought Bob this shirt "Don't Mess with Bob He's got attitude" and it was to be his road trip shirt.  I thought It was awesome and original but on the flight to Denver I saw several "Bob" t-shirts in the skymall catalog in the back of the seat!  I told bob to do his best super heroine pose for our journey beginning photo.  Isn't it so enticing?  He is so alluring and almost saying you could have it if you wanted but then at the same time he is a badass super heroine that you would never be able attain.  such is the power of the super heroine and her natural and practical poses.

what did I tell you about the "Flamin' Hot" franchise out here?  Here we have XXtra Flamin' Hot Cheetos.  I was tickled.  and it definitly tickles your spicy taste buds quite a bit.  These things are actually hot which is hard to find in commercial products.

So the second purchase on the road trip had to be this Logitech UE mini Boom bluetooth speaker because the speakers in bob's 2006 Hyundai Elantra were inaccessible to any of our devices because it didn't even have an audio in mini jack let alone, usb or bluetooth capabilities.  Just a CD player, and who owns CDs anymore?  I read reviews and this thing got the best value vs sound rating over the Jambox which is twice the price at $200, at least at bestbuy where we got this.  Our spirits increased 10 fold as soon as we plugged this in and got the tunes pumping.  Music we could both agree on was stuff like the Black Keys, Jack White, James Blake, NPR podcasts like radiolab, this american life, serial, a few random podcasts, and of course Disney singalongs galore.  there was also a lot of boyz II men and other 90s and 2000s era singalongs too.

i was going to make some caption about don't you hear that lonesome whistle blow'? but the lyrics to Hank Williams' "I'm so lonesome I could cry" call it a midnight train so that doesn't work.  That's on my mind because at Graceland I saw at least 2 video clips of Elvis saying this is the saddest song i've ever heard and then he went into that song in all of his non-Hank Williams Elvis-ness.

Somewhere in New Mexico.  The speed limit is 75 mph and the road stretches forever.  No traffic and mesas for days.  the clouds!

We stopped in Clayton New Mexico near the border of Texas at the Rabbit Ear Cafe.  The best Mexican I had on the trip although Bob says there is better but agreed it was good.  Beef and cheese enchiladas and tamales in the back.

Where does New Mexico end and Texas begin?  It all blurs together.

drug lords house?

Agri Producers Grain Corp.  

more Flamin' Hot fun in the form of Funyuns this time.  There is more you guys, so much more.

So here is that blood moon I was talking about, only the next night when it's not a total lunar eclipse and way lamer and a failure.

Texas has a sh!t load of wind farms.  At night it looks kind of crazy seeing a single red light from each one that goes on into infinity.  Wikipedia says Texas produces the most wind power of any US state and 8.3% of the electricity generated in Texas in 2013 came from wind power.

there are 735 Whataburger franchises across the southern US and it's from San Antonio Texas.  There was nothing else open around Sweetwater Texas at 10pm when we got in so we had to go with Whataburger.  Bob listens to some gaming podcast and they've talked about Whataburger a few times apparently.  It is superior to McDonalds and possibly better than BurgerKing although bob says its comparable to a Whopper.  A big difference is that they actually toast their buns and the fries were better.  In the end you still feel bad about yourself and try to justify it because its this fast food from texas but you're still this sad sad fast food eating monster.