The Raish Brothers Brotherly Road Trip - The Long Road Home

So there isn't really that much that interested us between Nashville and western New York so we aimed to complete this final leg all in one go.  Google maps said it would take 14 hrs driving + eating.  It was the long road home

a final look at the last hotel we would stay in.  To room smells of fried chicken and gravy.  In peacetime that would be awesome but in the road trip wartime on our stomachs it was not so cool

We had to drive through Louisville, Kentucky and I said we must get a Hot Brown.  We went to the Brown Hotel, the creators of the Kentucky tradition.  It is a very fancy place and Bob went and did what Bob does, sweatpants and large t-shirt from college.  Class
I told Bob I locked the keys in the car and he was like DON'T F WITH ME JASON.  and I said yea I did and he said DUDE DON'T F WITH ME.  and I said yea i did take a look right there on the seat, right there and I smiled and giggled.  He sauntered over and saw the keys square on the driver's seat, glistening in the sun and then he got a very disappointed look on his face.  I laughed.  So we ate and waited for the locksmith guy to come.  He was hyper and popped the lock in like 30 seconds.  It was $45 dollars.
The Hot Brown:  Turkey, bacon, roma tomatos, texas toast, all covered with mornay sauce and pecorino romano cheese.  What's mornay sauce you say?  It's bechamel sauce with cheese in it.  What's bechamel sauce you say?  It's one of the 5 traditional mother sauces:  Bechamel, Veloute, Espagnole, Hollandaise, Classic Tomato

the long road home gets a lot longer when it's like this for hours and hours.  We had a lot of rain driving on this road trip

yay, i'm in........Pennsylvania.

through my expert packing skills we managed to pack the car full but still be able to see out the back window.  We stopped in Erie, PA at burgerking to get the 2 spicy classic chicken sandwhiches for $5 deal, only to find that the spicy chicken sandwich was over.  That's the one thing I held on to the entire trip ,that I could get the classic long chicken sandwich of my youth, but now in glorious spicy......aaaaand we failed.  We got just normal classic chicken sandwiches and felt bad again after eating fast food.  Ooh I forgot to write about maybe an even more shameful eating thing we did at the hotel when I had to work.  I'll go amend that post right now.

we finally made it back to Canisteo, NY where we grew up and where our parents live.  What a road trip.  We are glad it's over.

relaxing with the Newfoundlands up on Raish Hill.

an unexpected bonus from this trip was that I got my Klipsch 4.1 THX certified speakers back from Bob.  I had forgotten I gave them to him when I moved to China.  I have been listening to music through a bluetooth portable jambox for over a year now.  Score!
so a final recap, this is the map from the GPS in my camera.  about 1,500 photos in all.  91 in the mountains of colorado, 89 in austin, 201 in New Orleans, 78 in Graceland, 32 in Canisteo, New York.  If you count my bus ride back to New York I logged over 3,000 miles on the road.  The driving and everything wasn't that bad, and I would road trip again.  Eventually the grand canyon and California will have to be reached....