The Raish Brothers Brotherly Road Trip - Rocky Mountains

We drove to Lake Granby and on to Estes in Colorado.  We got up to 12,000 feet
Tim and Mal's kid, Riordan.  He didn't cry or do anything bad the whole time.  He just smiled.  He was just maxin' and relaxin'

rich peeps mod home on the way.

The Rocky Mountains.

Argo Gold Mine.  I saw a sign along the way saying the gold rush started there, wherever there was.

there were still some aspens in yellow.

a flat plateau in the mountains.

if you know me intimately you know I love cheetos soooo much.  And that I love Flamin' Hot Cheetos even more.  I was delighted to find these flamin' hot chester's fries in Colorado.  That wasn't the end of the Flamin' Hot product line that I found throughout our roadtrip that isn't limited to Cheetos like in New York.  Are these Cheetos?  Did they make a brand name out of Chester's?  They're not called Cheetos that's for sure, but I guess you couldn't call them that because they are hot fries.  I like hot fries too so these get a thumbs up.  Soon enough though I would OD on flamin' hot products with a new one to try at every rest stop.

we were trying to get down to lake granby and touch the water and we ended up pulling in here and I was like bob we gotta get out of here 

Lake Granby.  I tried to film a clip of us skipping rocks and I skipped on the first time like 21 times off camera but then after that it was pathetic.

this was our ride, bob's car a 2006 Hyundai Elantra.  Notice him munching away on flamin' hot fries.

There is a beetle plague that is killing tons of trees in Colorado. 

Snow in October

Along Trail Ridge Road

the peak at alpine ridge is 12,005 feet.  This high you do get a tiny headache.  but it's gone quick

look at all those dead trees.


lake really high up in the mountains.

bob called this guy a true athlete because he biked all the way up here

America.  Why does the soda need to be so big?  Because they know you will drink it all.  drink it up.

Smokin' Daves BBQ.  This is what put me over the top for the rest of the trip.  American sized portions.   I was regretting every meal despite shoveling it all in my face.  A brisket philly cheese steak and sweet potato fries.  bob got pulled pork.  I even took half of this home and we ate it for breakfast the next day.

saw a few cool lenticular clouds in colorado, must be something about the mountains that make these round clouds.  After we got home we finished up bob's moving process.  We put his furniture outside with a "Free, Perfectly Fine Take Me" and as soon as I took my hand off the sign someone had pulled up to take something.  10 minutes later someone else came to take almost all the rest.  by the morning someone had taken the desk and that was it.  We also packed his trunk up to the max, bob sucks at fitting things into places so I put my masterful skills to use.  We did a dry run on packing the back of his car too.  We found this take out Mexican place where it was all the construction guys there getting their takeout food.  It was delicious but un-needed after that huge lunch.