Bound to Be Brooklyn

adventures around the neighborhood

a drink at Strong Place after watching "Boyhood" at the cobble hill cinemas across the street.

steel drums

back at Strong Place on the patio playing the ring game, it is possible.

giant jenga, foo sized foo

Floyd's on Atlantic ave has a bocce ball court inside

DUMBO arts festival 2014.  This was in brooklyn bridge park

It's Sunday afternoon and this cat doesn't give a

the Atlantic Antic all along atlantic ave
1954 or 2014?

2014 because a photo taken with a 50s film camera would look so much better than with my spiffy dslr

see it is possible!  the ring game again at Strong Place.  

Kumon from Japan came to New York

yes Kumon, like the tutoring school!

come on Kumon 
don't know why it looks like a shot glass but it's a full sized blue hawaiian.  Also found out if you're a single guy that The Zombie Hut on court street is the place to go.  It was almost all girls and they were desperately saying anything to the few guys that were in there.  They have a sweet patio out back and I heard desperate things being said out there too.

pumpkin festival on our block

Buttermilk Channel is one of the gastronomic superstars (and there are many) of our neighborhood, Carroll Gardens.  It's "New American" food.

Brunch:  Rosemary infused bloody mary, fried porkchop and cheddar waffles, salmon cream scramble.  Ok that's it for Brooklyn, see you on the road in middle America in "Bob and Jason's Epic Road Trip - Part 1"!