North Fork Bicycle Collection

I found this sweet sweet Motobecane bicycle on craigslist but it was somewhere near Syosset, Long Island.  We decided to rent a car and drive out to collect this French beauty

but first some culture.  We saw Gustavo Dudamel conduct at the Lincoln Center

some famous Mexican jazz singer at at Pineda Covalin event

Ana De La Reguera (also Mexican, there were Mexican dignitaries, politicians, celebrities there).  I love the show East Bound and Down so it was cool to see her there.  I stepped on her dress.  Sorry Ana

Here she is my new French Motobécane vintage roadbike circa 1976.  The guy I bought it from looked like Micky Rourke in the Wrestler and was a weightlifter and kept this bike in his storage thing where we met him.  I have to say this bike might be better than the Peugeot I have in Paris.
The guy even had the manual for it!

Of course wine tastings if you're in this part of the woods.  This is at the Martha Clara vineyard.  The Entenmann family of the cookie fame sold this vineyard to them.

basking in sun and fire at the Sherwood Vineyards, our fav of the trip 
they had this amazing photo of the Miami horse racing club

photo by W J. Fallon

they also have a guy that uses the surround spaces to sell all this cool stuff and they made their barn up really cool like.