Back in the New York Groove - Part 4

Back in the New York Groove part 4

3 Milligan Place


out my window

made a custom envelope


Lardons made out of slab bacon.  I made Julia Child's beef bourgingon.  It took 6 hours and part of my soul.  It was delicious but I will never make her recipe again.  There are ways to make it shorter, Julia just adds so many excessive steps.  It also cost $100 to make, granted I bought all the stuff at Union Market which is really expensive.  

3 pounds of chuck roast

everything has to be browned or braised or rolled or coddled or whispered to.

with the wine and all ready to go in the oven

down the street

mural by Yuko Shimizu, one of the biggest dogs of the illustration world

Gu-ma's off the menu stuff she makes us at Dimsum Go-go is awesome.

Justin Chon in town

Nabil visiting from Paris